Weekly Wrap: September 11-24

Last week was a little rough for me, which is why you’re getting two weeks today! Following the Disneyland weekend, I started loosely following the Nike Run Club “Get More Fit” training plan but I really had a hard time getting motivated for my runs the last two weeks. The Nike Run Club has introduced a few different kinds of runs, like a benchmark run and a tempo run. However, after the Navy 5 Miler, I updated my training calendar to the last few weeks of the Garmin Connect 10K training plan. (Garmin Ambassador Linz at Sharp Endurance has a great post on how to Download Training Plans to your Garmin Connect Device)

Since I’m not in training for anything monumental (just the Marine Corps 10K in October), I was shifting into a more mindful eating mindset and I wanted to give 21 Day Fix (or something like that program) a try. I thought it would be good because my portions have gotten a bit out of wack. However, I believe that the program was too restrictive because it sent me into a tailspin of anxiety and depression. Since giving up the boxes and just trying to be mindful but not restrictive, my mood has improved immensely. Instead of focusing on food, I think I’m going to focus on making sure I’m getting enough active time and changing up what I’m doing so I’m not just running all of the time. I’ve made a goal to try a different class at the gym every week.

Are you training for a big fall race or just maintaining right now?

Monday 9/11: Rest

Tuesday 9/12: Benchmark run – 1.29 mi (16:48) 13:00 min/mi

Warm up for 7 minutes, then run consistently hard for 3 minutes. I ran an average pace of 8:58 (?!) for the 3 minutes and then cooled down for 5 minutes-ish as I walked back to work.

Wednesday 9/13: Rest

Thursday 9/14: AM Run commute – 1.98 mi (28:39) 14:30 min/mi


Friday 9/15: Rest

Saturday 9/16: Navy Air Force Half Marathon/Navy 5 Miler Expo

After we picked up our bibs, we tried a new restaurant down at Navy Yard called Due South.


I’m so thankful that I dropped down to the 5 miler – the day was hot and humid and there was no way that I could have finished 13 miles. My goal was simply to finish, but even at mile 3 I felt like giving up. After walking most that mile, I picked it back up and finished the race. You can see in my splits where it went off the rails in a hurry: 12:53, 13:26, 13:09, 16:50, 12:35. I hope that next year I’ll be ready to tackle the half marathon, which Roswell said was one of his favorites.

Total mileage for the week: 8.34 miles

Monday 9/18: Rest

Tuesday 9/19: PM Run Commute – 2.36 mi (34:01) 14:25 min/mi

Following Garmin’s 10K training plan, I ran an easy warm up (Z2) for 10 minutes. Then ran in Z4 (Threshold) for 10 minutes. Then finished off the run in Z2 for 10 minutes. It was alright weather wise, but I’m really ready for cooler fall weather!

Wednesday 9/20: Rest

Thursday 9/21: 2.58 mi (37:00) 14:21 min/mi

The heat hit me the moment I walked out of the office – it was warmer than I had planned for with my lunch time run. But I still managed to get my run done so I could go home and relax after work! Garmin had a interval workout planned after warming up for 10 minutes, I did 6 rounds of 2 minutes at threshold (Z4) following by 1 minute recovery (Z2). I didn’t keep a consistent pace unfortunately, but it’s something to continue working on (and will hopefully improve with the cooler weather!): 10:55, 10:04, 10:12, 10:05, 10:36, 10:35

Friday 9/22: Rest

Saturday 9/23: Rest

On Saturday, we met up with some friends down in Navy Yard for a beer festival – it was a hot one, but thankfully we found a table under a tent where we camped out for most of the day!

Sunday 9/24: Long Run (60 minutes in Z2) – 4.28 mi (1:05:50) 15:24 min/mi

Today I Moved for Gold! Thanks to Tricia at MissSippiPiddlin, I won a giveaway from Move More Fitness and their effort to increase awareness of Pediatric Cancer. Did you know September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month?

Despite being slow, this was a good run. I didn’t meet the goal of 60 minutes in Z2, but any run where I don’t have time in Z4 is good! I also ran (slowly, but I ran) a majority of the time. I stopped to walk a few times when my heart rate got too high. But otherwise, my goal was to hold a consistently slow easy pace and I feel like I accomplished that!

Total mileage for the week: 9.21 miles

Training plan this week:
Monday: Cross Training – 60 minutes (Functional Training Boot camp)
Tuesday: 2:1 Intervals + Quick Strength for Runners
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 2:1 Intervals + Quick Strength for Runners
Friday: Cross training – 60 minutes
Saturday: Long Run (60 minutes)
Sunday: Rest


Linking up this week with the Weekly Wrap, hosted by Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin.

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  1. Chaitali says:

    Yay, sounds like you had a good 2 weeks in spite of the heat! I heard a lot about the temperatures the day of the Navy Air Force Half and it sounded like it was pretty brutal.

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