Weekly Wrap: September 4-10

This week was all about recovery! After the Double Dare challenge last weekend, I was pretty tired come Monday morning and we had a long day ahead of us, including a red eye flight home. Tuesday morning, while I had planned on going into work, my body was telling me differently. I ended up taking the day off and alternated napping on the couch with loads of laundry. Definitely the right choice!

Finally Thursday, I was feeling ready to get back in groove with a easy run commute home. While the weather in California was abnormally hot, it was cooling down here and the weather has been getting better and better!
How’s the weather where you live?
Are you dealing with Irma? 

Monday 9/4: Rest – still managed 17,000+ steps at Disneyland and then the airport


Tuesday 9/5 & Wednesday 9/6: Rest

Thursday 9/7:  2.49 mi (34:49) 13:58 min/mi (2:2 Run Walk intervals)

The weather has been so nice here, I was glad to have the chance to run home from work on Thursday!

Friday 9/8: 1 mile treadmill warm up plus 30 minutes of NTC: Floor to Core


Saturday 9/9: 4.00 mi (55:52) 13:57 min/mi

Moved my long run to Saturday since I would be volunteering on Sunday. Following this plan for the MCM10K, I did 5:2 run walk intervals.


Sunday 9/10: Rest

Sunday morning, I volunteered at the last weekend of AARP Foundation’s Summer of Service to Seniors Meal Pack. They’ve been touring the country with the goal to pack 3 million meals for older adults in need. With my organization’s new philanthropic focus of Fighting Hunger, it was the perfect event to kick off our new year!

After the event, I met up with Roswell (who ran 15 miles downtown) and we grabbed a quick lunch before heading out to celebrate my niece’s birthday!

Total mileage for the week: 7.5 miles

Training plan this week:
Monday: Easy Run + Yoga
Tuesday: Speed workout
Wednesday: Strength Training
Thursday:  Run
Friday: Strength Training
Saturday: Navy Air Force Half Marathon & Navy 5 Miler Expo
Sunday: Navy 5 Miler



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  1. HoHo Runs says:

    You certainly deserved a few days of rest after completing your challenge. The travel alone would wear me out. Also, I didn’t realize how hot it was for this event. Happy Birthday to your niece. That cupcake looks divine!

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