NAFHALF Training: Week 6 Recap

I maintained my training this week despite my back still recovering – I am really glad that I still was able to keep active. I do feel like I’m missing something in my training in terms of strength training. I’m looking for something easy but effective – a video or printable workout I can take to the gym with me. I would love if you would leave your favorite workout in the comments and give me some ideas what to do next week at the gym!
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NAFHALF Training: Week 5

3BlackCatCo_NAFHALF_Week05 I’ve been out of commission the last few days thanks to an old back injury. I’m not sure exactly what it is – I haven’t seen a doctor simply because by the time I’d get an appointment, the pain would be gone. But the last few days have been spent on the couch in hopes that it go away once again, without too much impact on my training plan.

How do you deal with an injury during your training plan? 
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NAFHALF Training: Week 4

3BlackCatCo_NAFHALF_Week04This week went really well! My first swim lesson was promising (despite our second lesson being cancelled due to cold weather-?!). I really enjoyed swimming and I think it will be a great cross training activity for the summer – and into the colder months thanks to the indoor pool on campus. We’re due for a warm up this week and I’m little worried about track on Tuesday night. But fall PRs are made in the summer, so while I’ll make adjustments like a slower pace, I won’t give up! How’s your training going? 
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NAFHALF Training: Week 3

3BlackCatCo_NAFHALF_Week03Week 3 was a bit slower than the last two as we were in Florida for the first half of the week. While I brought running clothes with me, it was very hot and it was nice being able to relax for a few days! So I didn’t end up running, or doing anything remotely active.

I probably could have added another day of running, but I didn’t unfortunately. I will probably end up just considering this my recovery week and get back to work this week! I’m starting my swimming lessons so I’m really looking forward to that!
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NAFHALF Training: Week 2

3BlackCatCo_NAFHALF_Week01Week 2 was a good one! 3 great runs plus a gym day. I’m glad I was able to fit in my runs, since I know memorial day weekend was going to be busy while we were in Florida.

I would like to incorporate more strength training. I know that swimming starting in June will help, but I need to find some more motivation to do additional workouts and yoga. How do you incorporate ALL THE THINGS in your training plan? 

Looking at registering for a 10k this weekend to help me hit the 6 miles on my training plan. However, based on my experience at the parkrun this last weekend, I worry that I’m pushing too hard during a race when I should be running slow. Have you registered for a race to “just run” as training run? 
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NAFHALF Training: Week 1!

3BlackCatCo_NAFHALF_Week01 Training for my fall half marathons have started! Technically, I’m training for the Disneyland Double Dare as well, but since the Navy-Air Force Half is my goal race, that’s what I’ll be using for this training cycle. I have big goals for the NAFHALF, mostly PRing my half marathon time. My current PR is 2:34:04 from the Historic Half in 2012 (my first half marathon). My last half marathon time was 2:42:55 at the Annapolis Running Classic (since my half during Dopey was unofficial). I would like to run under 2:30 at the NAFHALF. The course is very similar to the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run, basically with just 3.1 miles added. Even as familiar as I am with the course, I would like to do a few training runs around Hains Point since that killed me during CUCB (anyone want to run with me?!). I’m using a combination training plan from the PR Distance Training program I did back in 2012 and the Jeff Galloway runDisney Disneyland Double Dare training plan. Between those, I’ll be running 3 to 4 times a week depending on how I feel. Here we go!  Continue reading

Weekly Recap: May 8 – 14

Hello again friends! It’s been another week. I’m mostly over my cold that hit a few weeks ago and starting to build back up my mileage. I’m starting Half marathon training this week so I’m looking forward to hitting the track! I’ll be following an old Distance Training Program plan that I have from running the Marine Corps marathon in 2012. I’ll be running 3 to 4 times a week (track workout, easy and long runs) and hopefully incorporating more cross training. I signed up for intermediate adult swim lessons starting the first week of June. I know how to swim, but I’m not a very efficient swimmer; so I’m looking forward to working on my stroke and breathing techniques.

I feel like changing my heart rate zones made a huge difference! Previously, I felt like I could barely run without hitting zone 4 (which made me feel like I was reaching). But I could actually run within zone 3 and not have to stop to walk to let my heart rate lower. And a big difference in terms of my average pace (17:51 & 16:39 a few weeks ago to 15:40 & 15:26 this week). I’ve got time goals for my half marathon this fall so I can’t wait to see that pace go even lower!

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