Weekly Recap: April 24 – May 7

Recapping two weeks since I was out sick last week – I didn’t do any running last week and I missed the 5K we had planned for Saturday. I did use my time off to take a look at my training plan though – training for my goal September half starts next week! – as well as cross training I want to incorporate and the heart rate training I’ve been doing. I found that the heart rate zones in my Garmin that were based just on my Max Heart Rate, but I felt like they were off. So I decided to try the zones based on Heart Rate Reserve (HRmax – HRrest = HRreserve). I used my average resting heart rate from my Fitbit and I feel like the zones look so much better! I’m looking forward to seeing the difference this week. As for the cross training I mentioned – I think I’m going to sign up for group swim lessons. While I’m comfortable in a pool (and have even completed a sprint triathlon), I know swimming is not my strength and would love to learn better technique when it comes to strokes and breathing. Fun things to look forward to this summer!

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Weekly Recap: April 17 – April 23

A few days later than I anticipated, but here I am again, recapping last week: three days of heart rate training, plus some yoga! I’m enjoying my run commute home after work – it takes just as long as my shuttle (if not actually less time), but I am way happier when I get home and my run is done for the day. I want to start walking home from work on days that I don’t run home… AND we’ve been talking about getting me a bike so I can bike to and from work!  I’m adjusting surprisingly well to not having a car (we’re a one car family), the only times it’s been frustrating has been when I need to schedule a doctor’s appointment during the week. Otherwise, I haven’t had too much trouble!

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Weekly Recap: April 10 – April 16

So we’re a bit between training periods right now. My training plan for the Navy-Air Force Half marathon doesn’t start until mid-May, so I’m using this time to build and maintain a base and work on some strength training. I’d love to incorporate more daily yoga practices and Roswell and I are actually working on creating a yoga/workout room in the house. I can’t wait to share once we have it set it!

Because I need some sort of structure to follow, I’m using Garmin’s “Getting Started” Heart Rate Based Training Plans for the next few weeks. I’ve been concerned about my high heart rate on what should be easy runs. I don’t know if it’s just that I’m getting (back) into shape and I’m just pushing too hard, too soon. Do you use heart rate training – if so, do you feel like it’s helped you?
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Friday Five: Cherry Blossom Goals

3BlackCatCo_CUCB_GoalsIt’s Race Weekend! We’ve made it! It will be a busy weekend for me and I can’t wait to share it with you! Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram Stories where I’ll be posting throughout the weekend! On Friday, I will be volunteering at t-shirt distribution at the expo and attending the volunteer appreciation dinner. On Saturday, as a race ambassador I was invited to the 45th Running Celebration Dinner. And then the race on Sunday with the Post-Race Brunch! Whew! I’m so excited! I have a few goals for the race and the weekend that are below! (and for those counting, that was just six exclamation marks in that paragraph…)

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Cherry Blossom Training – Week 9

 It’s race week! Week 9 saw a little more running – I managed to run twice. Which was a 100% improvement over last week when I only ran once (and it showed). But now, it’s time to get ready to race. I’m working on a post for later this week sharing some goals for the race and how I’m preparing. The CUCB Social Media team also shared some tips to run your best race.

I’m loving Kim’s course guide, complete with even where the photographers and how to take your best race photo. I will be studying her guide over the next few days as I get ready to race! Do you have any race week traditions or do anything special when you’re preparing for a race?
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Cherry Blossom Training – Week 8

We are just 10 days away from race day! When you do start to prepare for your races? I’m starting to think about how I’m getting to the starting line (especially since the Metro will not be opening early for the race), how I want to tackle the expo and all of the fun events happening race weekend! I also am thinking about preparing my body with lots of rest, water and stretching.

I’ve spent the last few days this week getting ready and then moving into our new house. Unfortunately, my training hasn’t been that awesome the last few weeks. I find that I have a tendency to do this in a training program – especially around the middle of a typical 16 week half or full marathon plan. With the Cherry Blossom training program only lasting ten weeks, this lack of effort is falling right before the race. Hopefully now that we’re settled into the new house, I can get out there and make the last week and a half count!
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