Dopey Challenge Training – Week 22 & 23

 We’re one month away from the WDW Marathon weekend! Over the next month, I would love to work on making sure that I’m getting in my strength training and stretching. I’m hoping to get back into Bikram this month to help with both of those, and also make a few more trips to the gym! AH, ONE MONTH!

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Dopey Challenge Training – Week 21

wp-1479735790978.jpegThe weeks are flying by and I don’t think they are going to slow down any time soon! I am still finding the time change to be hard, but I managed to get two runs in during the week by running directly after work before going home.

I took more resting this week than I wanted – but with the half marathon on Saturday, it wasn’t the worst week to take some extra rest time. This week, I’m looking forward to my first mini Dopey I have planned – 3 miles Thursday, 6 miles Friday, and 12 miles on Saturday.

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Dopey Challenge Training – Week 20

wp-1479081403672.jpegDaylight Saving Time (or rather, the lack thereof) certainly got the best of me this week. I attempted to run on the treadmill three times, with decreasing success each time. I am going to try a few different things over the next week or two, including running at work before heading home and just sucking it up and getting out for a dark run. I’ve got lots to look forward to in the next week, including a half marathon on Saturday!

I’m also very excited about the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Kick Off Reception this Friday, November 18, at MedStar Health at Lafayette Centre. There’s going to be food and drink, unveiling of the t-shirt design, raffle for 25 lottery exemptions, and more! If you’re interested in joining me, register here!

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Dopey Challenge Training – Week 19

wp-1478529539953.jpegI think I was tired this week! It was a recovery week, so I cut back the number of days I was running and got a little more rest. I tried a new warm hatha yoga class, but found that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I expected. I also ran a 5K on Saturday and still managed to get my long run done on Sunday. My legs were tired, but I guess that’s kind of what this training is about – learning to continue running on tired legs.

I’m starting to worry about my training now that the sun is setting incredibly early. It will be dark by the time I get home from work. So I have a few options – run in the dark, run at work before the sun sets, or run on the treadmill. I’m guessing there’s no right answer here and I’ll probably end up with some combination of the above.

So friends, how do you stay motivated to train in the winter? Any suggestions or winter survival tips?

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Dopey Challenge Training – Week 18

I did so much this week. Just looking back on it all makes me tired! I wanted to make sure I was incorporating strength and stretching into my routine, so I joined a local yoga studio and am working on trying a few different classes they offer. I used to do Bikram yoga quite frequently, and I believe that is one of the reasons I didn’t get injured during my first marathon training program (opposed to this time!). While I would love to continue doing Bikram, it’s a bit pricey and I haven’t found a studio that I love in my new area. I tried one studio, but found the students to be a bit clique-y and they seemed to have drama going on regularly – this does not contribute to a zen atmosphere. I also wanted to expand beyond just the 26 poses done in Bikram – there’s a whole world of yoga out there and I wanted to check it out! I ran five times this week and went to three yoga classes – I told you I was busy! I am looking forward to a rest week in the coming week and a 5K on Saturday!

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Dopey Challenge Training – Week 17

Just like last week was a great training week, this was not such a great training week. It’s so easy to jump from one to the other, right? Everything was a little bit off – it was warmer, I felt like I was working harder for the same effort, etc. Even the universe can seem against you, when you take a wrong step and roll your ankle! But sometimes, maybe it’s just the universe’s way of telling you to take a break. Make sure you’re taking time for recovery during your training – an extra 15 minutes of stretching, icing something that’s achy, take a yoga class or get a massage (looking forward to both of these this week!).

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Dopey Challenge Training – Week 16

A great week for training: 4 runs and a yoga workshop. I feel like I’m really settling in my flow with this part of my training plan. I don’t need as much pushing to get out of the door during my weekday runs and my long run felt great. I was nervous going into this long run, because 7 miles was the run that triggered my need for physical therapy. So I took it easy and I’m feeling good as I’m writing this. I’m hoping that the work I’ve been putting in will be enough to get over this hump in training. We’ll see how I feel the rest of the week!

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